Emerging Leaders Civic
Advancement Training Program

The Emerging Leaders Civic Advancement (ELCA) Training Program aims to train and cultivate the next generation of federal leaders who are grounded by integrity and agile in resilience, have the ability to positively influence others and are civically and socially engaged in community. The ELCA Program aligns with ECQ standards, providing a pipeline for federal employees to advance their careers.

Session #1: Leading Change, Part 1

Learn about leadership and interpersonal skills, two qualities that support Executive Core Quality (ECQ) 1, and begin to understand the history of service to others by connecting civic participation through charity and philanthropy.

Session #1: Discussion

Discuss public service motivation, servant leadership, and charity through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

Session #2 | Leading Change, Part 2

Learn about creativity, innovation, strategic thinking, vision, core values and gratitude, additional characteristics of ECQ1, and start to explore value-based service to the community.

Session #2 | Discussion

Discuss making an impact through personal vision, goals, and objectives by beginning with "why."

Session #3 | Leading People

Learn about team building, developing others, managing conflict, and leveraging diversity, traits that make up ECQ 2, and examine how to have courageous conversations with others in difficult situations, especially when talking about controversial topics in society.

Session #3 | Discussion

Discuss how to navigate tough discussions by finding common language.

Session #4 | Building Results & Building Coalitions

Learn about finding solutions, persuading, influencing, negotiating, partnerships, alliances, and accountability, elements of ECQs 3 and 5, and explore how to build community by setting a collaborative table. Session 4 Discussion

Session #4 | Discussion

Review the community-based concepts introduced during ELCA and discuss how to incorporate them into CFC work and why it matters.

Session #5 | Review and Final Discussion

Summarize the leadership development topics presented during ELCA and hear from a panel of community-based organizations that are CFC-approved.

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