Campaign Managers

Welcome to our Campaign Manager page, where we will provide you with multiple resources that will empower you to run a successful campaign.  Here you will find useful tools for your role such as training videos and technical resources, as well as access to recordings of the new Emerging Leaders Civic Advancement Training for Federal Loaned Executives and Campaign Coordinators. You are also able to view recordings of virtual events in your local zone, as well as the National Cause Week Convos hosted by your Outreach Coordinator Services.  Thank you for doing your part to make the difference in our community!


Coordinator Training

Emerging Leaders Civic Advancement Training Program

Take the 5 Week Leadership Challenge! This no-cost career development for CFC volunteers is presented by Mutare Network and Kernan Consulting, an award-winning firm. By bringing together more than 30 years of leadership training and multi-campaign Combined Federal Campaign experience, This real-world training opportunity will prepare volunteers to lead efforts to increase their impact at work and in their communities in just five weeks.

event ideas?

Please contact me with any suggestions you might have for a CFC Activity or Event.

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